Ambassador Program

NEW SPOTS OPEN FOR JAN 1 - APR 30, 2021! New ambassadors will be notified and announced first week of January.  

D2 Activewear is for active girls who are determined dreamers and daring doers.  Are you a D2 girl?  Strong girls become strong women and we want to encourage both.  Sport gives young girls confidence, friendship, and strength both in body and mind.  We encourage kindness and positivity because real success comes from lifting others up.  If you’d like to join our team and share our vision through our products, please read through and fill out form at the bottom.  Currently we are accepting ambassadors with US addresses only.


Safety is our highest concern.  We are careful whom we allow to follow our social media accounts.  In posting pictures, please be very conscience of the angle of the camera and the poses you are taking.  If your legs are separated in a pose, please take picture from the side. Please go through your followers frequently and block accounts that look suspicious.  Be conscientious of posting identifying factors, such as gym name, address (unboxing videos) and house number.  

Ambassador Levels:


You'll receive a special 25% off one product, one time discount code.  You'll get a unique code for 10% off you can use for your own purchases and to share with your followers and teammates.  When your code is used, you will earn bigger discounts to use on one product (2 uses=25% off; 5 uses=50% off; 7 uses=75%; and 10 uses=1 FREE item!).  These can be used at anytime, or left until you reach 10 for the free item.  Once used, your count starts over. This level has no posting requirements, but if you choose to post then you may be featured on a D2 Activewear post or story!  Opportunity to move up to Determined level based on your posting, activity, and page growth.  


You'll receive:

~An exclusive discount code for 50% off your first order as a D2 Ambassador

~Special 10% discount code to share with your followers and teammates. You can also use on purchases.

~Based on the number of times your code is used, you’ll earn additional discounts (outlined above under DREAMERS).  Additional discount codes are given when you consistently post or share stories.  

~Reposts to our page that will help you get more exposure and grow your IG page.  This can also help you get other ambassadorships.  

~Opportunities to help develop new products, name products and see them before they are released

~Support and encouragement in your sport and life!

We expect DETERMINED Ambassadors to:

~Post photos/videos with the above safety guidelines in mind, wearing or using D2 Activewear products at least 3-4 times per month (once per week). Tag @D2Activewear

~Use hashtags:  #D2Activewear, #D2Activewearlove, #D2leotards #D2ActivewearAmbassadors

~List your D2Activewear follower code in your bio 

~Share our posts/stories for new releases, promotions and giveaways.  These will be shared ahead of time within our D2 Activewear Ambassador IG group.

~We’d love your feedback of our products, ambassador programs and products you’d love to see!

~You give D2 Activewear permission to repost on their IG/FB pages and website.  If you don't want reposted to places other than IG, please let us know!


This level is by invitation only for previous ambassadors who have demonstrated exceptional support, creativity and picture/video quality.  

All Levels Term Length: 

Our second term will be 4 months; JAN 1 - APR 30, 2021.  

At anytime, you may be removed before term end if:

You post or comment anything that is not respectful, uplifting or positive or is not in line with D2 Activewear’s mission of kindness and positivity. 

You may terminate at any time via DM or email.  

Requirements to apply:

~You must have parents’ permission

~Make 1 post using the guidelines above and indicate 1 thing you love about D2 Activewear products or your favorite leotard on our site.  If you don't have any D2 Activewear products yet-that's ok.  You are welcome to use a product only  picture (no pictures with people) from our feed and we don't expect you to say you love wearing them if you haven't!  

~Fill out the application below

Final Thoughts:

We have leotards starting at 6 months and as such have many younger eyes that follow our account.  Please be sure that your account and posts are appropriate for younger viewers.  Please include pictures/videos that are tasteful and appropriate poses.  Be kind, positive and empower others to be their best. 

Continue being determined dreamers and daring doers!